Saturday, October 8, 2011

there is cuteness all around

The theme of the day is "cute."

We had an awesome Relief Society activity Thursday where we decorated mini Books of Mormon to give as gifts or to keep for ourselves! They're to go along with a challenge that our ward RS gave us to read the whole BoM by the end of the year (which I am completely dedicated to accomplishing. :0D ) We used scrapbook supplies and covered them with contact paper so they'll stay in good condition. I have always been slightly creatively challenged, but even I've got to admit that they turned out kinda cute.

I think I'm keeping the red and blue one for myself and I'm going to give the green one to Owen when he's old enough to appreciate it and not rip it to pieces one page at a time. :0)

Something that made my night even better is when Wex came over. She works at an elementary school in the Chinese immersion program where they had a book fair recently. She found this children's book called I Am Small about a baby penguin and decided she had to get it for Owen (Btw, Wex is O's Chinese Godmother.) I gotta say, I'm SO glad she got us this book.

As you can see, I wasn't kidding. It is THE cutest thing ever! The story line, the illustrations, everything! Seriously, if you haven't seen this book, buy it, borrow it, steal it, GET IT! Its absolutely adorable. (Disclaimer: I don't actually support stealing. Make an attempt to use one of the first two methods before you resort to thievery.)

I've decided to learn to recognize and appreciate all the little cute things around me. There are so many, especially with a kid like Owen around. ;0)

Shanti Thanksgiving Special!

Attention all Shanti fans: To show you how grateful I am, I'm having a drawing for a FREE HOUR MASSAGE for all of my wonderful clients! The drawing will be on Nov. 24th so if you want to be eligible for the drawing, you HAVE to have received a massage from me before that date. That's it! Plenty of time, but don't procrastinate. Call (801)857-0789 right now to set up your appointment, before time runs out!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

book club- the help

Tonight was the first of many incredibly cultural meetings of the book club I'm in. Okay, maybe they're not "incredibly" cultural, but I do feel extremely proud that I spent a night discussing the social views and relationships discussed in The Help rather than watching all the latest episodes of my favorite shows. Now, I know, The Help is a big trend right now and everyone is reading it/ watching the movie, but from someone who has both read and watched it, it really is an inspiring and enjoyable story. Sometimes there is a reason "everybody is reading it" rather than just being a popular.

The group of girls we have is so much fun! Having such different personalities is so beneficial cause we get all points of views and opinions. I'm so bummed that I forgot to get some pictures of the group. Don't worry though- you'll definitely see some next time.

I tried some new recipes tonight for our book club. I borrowed my mother-in-law's Apple Cider recipe (which is to die for!) and I made Mini Brie and Apple Quiches. Apple and Brie cheese in a little crust- sounds good right? Not my favorite. I think its cause I'm a texture person. If its the least bit gooey, I have a really hard time with it, even if the flavors are incredible. But at least I tried something new and the girls seemed to like it, so I feel pretty accomplished!

So there you have it! My week is shaping up to be pretty incredible and productive, despite the sickness that is plaguing my family. Keep those prayers coming- I don't want to lose this streak now! :0)

Monday, October 3, 2011

the week ahead

So I'm approaching this coming week with equal parts anticipation and dread. Its going to be really busy, but that will mean I have less time to waste watching reruns of Law and Order: SVU and what-have-you. The part that is killing me is that all the dates and times keep changing on me, some for the better and others for the more complicated.

Here is a rundown of what is about to happen to me (keep in mind that I'll have to be wrestling my almost 11-month old son midst all these activities, trying to keep my house somewhat tidy, especially for all the times people are coming to my house, and I haven't even listed my husband's class schedule):

MONDAY (today):

FHE at the Roberts' house at 6:30 pm
*bring dessert to feed at least 10


Kickboxing at 9:15 am
Discussion with the missionaries at the Forch's at 7:30 pm
*try to remember to invite her to the Relief Society activity on Thursday

WEDNESDAY (this is one of the ones that I'm looking forward to, but I'll be glad when its over):

Mommy School at the Garvin's at 11:30 am
Dinner with the missionaries at our home at 5 pm
*make Salsa Pork Roast over rice with salad and dinner rolls
Book Club at our home at 7:30 pm
*make Mini Brie and Apple Quiches and Cider in apples


Kickboxing at 9:15 am
Give massage to Alene at our home at 2 pm
*send Owen and Mitch to Gym
Relief Society Activity at church at 7 pm
*bring Jackie and Jennifer and $6

FRIDAY (when I think of Friday, I just let out a big sigh of relief "Aaaah"):

Temple trip
*find babysitter
Discussion with missionaries at Forch's at 7:30 pm

SATURDAY (another day I'm looking forward to, but will be happy when its over):

Work at UCMT from 6 am to 3 pm
*send Owen and Mitch to Ellie's baptism at 4 pm
Give massage to Erika at our home at 4:30 pm


Teach Gospel Principles at 12 pm
Cousin Dinner at our home at 5:30 pm
*make Chicken Pockets

So as you can see, not impossible, but definitely enough to justify a little bit of stress. My time management skills will definitely be tested. Pray for me! :0)