Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Drawing for a FREE 1 HOUR MASSAGE!!

New BETTER deal. "Like" Shanti Massage Therapy. Then, invite 2 friends to like my page. If they do it, you are entered in a drawing for a FREE 1 HOUR MASSAGE! If 2 more of your friends like my page, you are entered again! And so on and so on. They just have to post that you were the one who invited them so I know who to give credit to. The drawing will take place June 15th so get crackin! You don't want to miss out!

The same goes for following my blog. Only this way, you only have to invite 1 person to follow. Just have them comment on any one of my posts that you invited them, and you are entered! "Follow" or "Like" now before time runs out!

For those who live outside the Utah area, still participate! Next time I come out to where you are, I'll find a way to bring my table or rent one so you can cash in on your prize.

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