Thursday, April 7, 2011

updated "weight"

In January of 2010, I posted on my blog about trying to reach what one (credible) website deemed my "ideal" weight. Needless to say, what with getting pregnant the next month and all, I failed to reach this goal. However, I really don't blame myself. Its extremely difficult and dangerous to lose weight when growing a baby in your belly. Thats not really the point, though. My point is that I am re-motivated to lose weight. Unfortunately, I now have even MORE to lose! Now, I'm not unrealistic. I have re-evaluated the information I entered and am now, since having a baby, rating my body frame as "medium" rather than "small." So here are the new logistics:

Body Frame: Medium
Current Height: 5'1"
Sex: Female

Based on the information you provided, your desirable body weight without clothes should fall between

106 lbs and 120 lbs

I am proud to say that my habits are better than they were in my previous "weight" post. I go to kick boxing every Tues. and Thurs. and Mitch and I go to the gym at least one other day during the week. I'm eating a little healthier- more fruits, less carbs. I'm feeling good! Lets hope this progress continues.

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