Sunday, April 3, 2011

...about time!

Today, one of my adorable adoptive cousins mentioned that I haven't blogged in a LONG time. Cori-Jo is right. So I am here to make that comment false!

This past Saturday was AMAZING! Mitch recently left his job at Big-O Tires to pursue his own entrepreneurial dreams so he was able to completely dedicate Saturday to spending time with our little family. Owen really hasn't had any outside hang-out time since he's been born, what with it being winter and all, so since it was almost 70 degrees, we decided to go to the park across the street from our house. We tried to put Big O (my favorite nickname for my little man) in one of the baby swings, but its still WAY too big for his little 4.5 month old body. We still got a cute picture of him in it.

Then we just laid out and played on a blanket. Owen really loves playing with his daddy. Mitch is SO good with him and I couldn't ask for a better baby daddy!

There are some really cute pictures of Big O with his daddy and I noticed recently that there are literally ZERO of me and him since the first week of his life. This really bugs me! I mean, he's really cute and I'm really cute so why don't we have uber cute pictures together? Its cause I'm the one TAKING all the pictures!! So I made Mitch take a couple while we were at the park.

I have been frustrated with our HOA and their landscaper for awhile. I mean, I want people to see the front of where we live and think its somewhat inviting and presentable. Something about aggressively chipping paint on the door frame and bright orange rust all down the pole on our front steps and a big dead bush in front of our window doesn't scream "Come on in!! We love it here!" I informed the HOA of my complaints probably about 9 months ago and nothing has been done. So after our little venture to the park, Mitch and I decided to take my frustrations into our own hands.

We went to Home Depot and bought some soil and gloves and a hoe and came home to begin our project. We planted a few lettuce seeds in a little bucket on our front step so we can make salads in a couple of weeks. We chipped off more of the paint on our door frame and sanded it down. Then, Mitch took a saw to the bush and took off all the big branches. We then took turns with the hoe digging and tearing up roots trying to dig up the stump. We made quite a bit of progress, but after a dried up worm was tossed in my direction, we decided that that was a project better completed on another day. All in all, it was a wonderful, productive day.

Que Sunday- and 4+ inches of snow. :0/

It was so nice to spend some time outside in beautiful weather and get our hands a little dirty after having a miserably cold winter. I'm definitely looking forward to a summer full of playground trips and playing in the garden and fun outdoor family activities.

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