Friday, April 30, 2010

My Pregnancy: Week 11

This is what has to say about my 11th week of pregnancy:

"Your baby has continued to grow over the past week. Now almost 2 inches long, your little one has been engaged in some heavy acrobatics, kicking and stretching inside your womb. Remember, though she is getting bigger, it may be some weeks before you feel her moving around.

Her skin, though still paper thin and transparent, is forming a protective barrier around her body. Her tiny fingers and toes have begun to separate into unique extremities, and she's also begun to open and close her fists. The first signs of where her teeth will form appear this week, as tiny tooth buds begin to pop up under her gums. She may even have her first case of the hiccups as her diaphragm begins to develop."

I get so excited to read about what is new with my baby; what is growing and what is developing. I'll be sure to keep you updated on all that goes on inside me! :0)

Friday, April 23, 2010


I'm pregnant!!! Mitch and I are so ecstatic! We really didn't expect this. I took a test on March 10th (I did the math wrong and forgot Feb. only has 28 days!) and it was negative! The whole next week I was very confused. (BOYS/DAD: Skip the next sentence. I know some of you are sensitive to female discussion. haha) WHERE the heck was my period??? So, after my first week of school, Thursday, March 18th, Mitch took me to get another test. We got home and I took the test. I thought it was completely pointless. All I was thinking was, "this is stupid. I just took one last week! There is NO way this one is positive. Why did we even go get another test? This is SO stupid." I threw the test on the counter in the bathroom and went into the bedroom to change out of my school pants. Less than 30 seconds after taking the test, I go back into the bathroom...

...and the first line is FREAKIN FUCHSIA!!!

I couldn't believe it!! My hands went to my face and I started to cry. I ran to the basement to tell Mitch. He had already forgotten that we had picked up another test!!! He saw my tears and was immediately worried. He asked, "Are you okay?" When I said I was pregnant, he didn't believe me! He was like "NO way!" I showed him and he started to tear up a little, too. It was a very emotional moment for both of us. I told different family members over the course of the next week and (of course) everyone was SO excited!

On April Fools Day, I called my doctor. I had been spotting pretty bad for the past couple of days so I wanted to make sure everything was going okay. He suggested that I have an ultrasound the next day or so because the spotting could be a sign of a high risk of miscarriage. :0/ My heart dropped right as he said those words. I was terrified and absolutely devastated. We scheduled the appointment and I picked Mitch up from work on my way to the clinic. He gets in the car and says, "if we get all the way to Spanish Fork and you tell me this is some April Fools joke, I will NOT be happy." Anyway, we get to the clinic, my bladder about to burst, and the nurse performs the ultrasound. The first couple images were boring, like my ovaries and what not. And then, we heard it. The most beautiful sound in the universe.

We heard our baby's heartbeat! I have never been so moved and excited. I'm tearing up now just remembering the experience. It was phenomenal. I couldn't imagine ever feeling like that again. Not only did we hear the heartbeat, we SAW the baby and his/her heartbeat!

It was incredible. The whole "being pregnant" thing wasn't real until this moment. I couldn't stop crying to save my life! They gave us a copy of the ultrasound and I carried it EVERYWHERE with me for the next week! This was truly a magical experience.

We've been to the doctor since then. Nothing fun, though. Just checking to see if my uterus was expanding. Next visit, we get to hear the heartbeat again! :0) The appointment is May 7th. Be watching for another baby post very soon!

Monday, April 12, 2010


New favorite commercial. I DIED laughing!! haha

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The 5 Archetypes Questionnaire

This is a questionnaire we took in my Acupressure class at Massage Therapy School. It is SO interesting! I found out so much about myself and my personality. I'm very much the Wizard (Fire) and Mitch is very much the Philosopher (Water.) Check it out! It will AMAZE you how it will totally peg you. :0)

Here's Mitch and my archetypes as examples:

The Wizard
The Wizard archetypes are enchanting. Their senses feed them like a luscious dessert - absorbing and appreciating every nuance of each sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. They use the senses to draw others toward them, to excite them and to entertain them. Just as the heat of a fire spreads, so does the passion. The excitement is charismatic. People are drawn to the Wizard archetpyes. As fire spreads, it can also become frenetic. If you are a Wizard archetype, be careful to stay in touch with others and their views, as you may become self-absorbed with your own magnetism. Take time to rest and avoid nervous exhaustion. Your tendency is toward palpitations, sweating, hypoglycemia, rashes and hysteria.

The Philosopher
The Philosopher Archetypes, like waters, their mind carries them to all the pockets of the earth searching for truth and understanding of life and all of its mysteries. They are a private individual preferring to work alone and uninterrupted. They are critical, clever and self-sufficient. They are articulate - rarely do they limit themselves to a simple answer when striving for a thorough explanation. Their absorption into learning can make them emotionally inaccessible. They tend to isolate themselves, curring themselves off from those most important to them. Their criticisms come without tact. If you are a Philosopher, find tenderness within your soul and risk connecting with others. Your tendencies are toward hardening of the arteries, deterioration of teeth and gums, backache, chilliness and lack of libido.

To figure out your archetype, go here!

One Day

Can you go one day doing what MILLIONS do everyday??
I am. :0)

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