Monday, November 22, 2010

Owen Morgan Cook

I don't have a lot of time on my hands to do a full post right now, but here are a couple links to show you some pictures of our beautiful baby boy!

Bella Baby Photography came around the hospital to take pictures of the newborns. They came out BEAUTIFULLY!! Go to the link and click on "VIEW PHOTOS," then type in "1114owencook" (all lowercase) in as the password, and it will take you to a slideshow of pictures of 3-day-old Owen!

This is my facebook album documenting my whole pregnancy, so you've already seen all the baby bump pictures, but I am ALWAYS posting new picture of Owen so check back often! :0)


  1. Kens he is beautiful!! We can't wait till were back so we can see him again. Congrats!

  2. Hello! Sorry for getting back to so late! The font on 'happy' is FuturalHv. The font on 'thanksgiving' is Giddyup Std. Congrats on your new baby boy!!
    Have a great day!