Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Inspiration- Ashley Wakefield.

Her latest post was about savings. I found an interesting little saving opportunity and thought I'd share the wealth! There is an ADORABLE dress on that costs $49.00. Here is the little gem!

Cute, huh? Almost worth considering spending $50 for the thing? I don't think so. Now, let me show you a dress EXTREMELY similar to the one I just showed you.

EXACTLY the same, right? Only this one is only $19.99 at Target, further proving my belief that NO article of clothing is worth anymore than $30 and, more than not, name brands are NOT worth the extra $40 they chalk on. :0)


  1. kens you are SO CUTE! youre such a great shopper! i could learn a thing or two from you. gooooood eye. love you!

  2. also- CUTE HEADER!! its taking me forever to create a decent one. good job