Wednesday, February 10, 2010


This past weekend, Mitch and I watched my cousins, Jordyn and Kayden, while their parents went on vacation to the Dominican Republic. We had SO much fun hanging out with them. They are so fun to be around and SO funny!

I have always been very against playing many video games for as long as I can remember. They just put me on edge and anxious when I watch people play. These kids convinced me to try and I found that, once you throw yourself into the game, that its actually SUPER fun and easy to obsess over! haha

Monday, though, was the most fun. The kids hurried and did their homework and chores when they got home and we went Classic Skating! I was NOT going to put on skates, but, once again, Jordyn and Kayden convinced me to do otherwise. Needless to say, they found out instantly why I didn't want to join them skating. I was so shaky and almost fell SO many times, but they were a big help and held my hand to support me. They wanted a small prize afterwards so they got laser pointers. (I have to shout out a little apology to their parents!) We went out to dinner and had such a great time just talking and hanging out.

Amy and Todd, feel free to go on vacation whenever you want... only leave your children behind so we can play with them! haha Thanks for giving us the opportunity to watch your kids!

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