Friday, January 29, 2010


So I just put my information into a "Desirable Body Weight Calculator." Information= Body Frame: Small; Current Height: 5'1"; Sex: Female. It comes up with this -

Based on the information you provided, your desirable body weight without clothes should fall between

101 lbs and 109 lbs

...Needless to say, I do NOT fall within those suggested weights. Its true what they say about gaining some after you get married. Its ok though; I told Mitch ahead of time that I planned on letting myself go. ;0) On the other hand, I'm not impossibly far from these weights either. I'm making this my goal: I will lose enough weight to meet the previously mentioned results and maintain it for at least a month. I think this is reasonable enough, right?

My problem is, however, that I HATE going to the gym, I LOVE junk food/sweets and eating a significant amount of them at a time, and I have NO motivation to really change either of those facts about myself! I find myself in quite a pickle and I have no solutions as of yet. :0/

We'll see how well this situation plays out...

If you're interested in finding out YOUR "Desirable Body Weight," here's the link:

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