Tuesday, November 3, 2009

4 days!!!!

OMGsh!!!! The wedding is less 4 days from now!! I have never been so nervous and excited in my life! The final steps are being taken. One of my new best friends, Ashley, helped me decide the final hair style today and my sister, Kassi, has signed on to help me with my makeup. Everything we can do is basically done at this point. Now we have to wait until the big day to find out what we should have done differently! Quite frankly, I don't have anymore to say on this subject seeing as I talk about it almost non-stop everyday (no fault of mine), so moving on...

THIS is what the corner of my bedroom at my grandparent's house looks like right now...

NOT ideal, but we're in the middle of a transition. Mitch and I were planning on staying at his apartment after getting married, but (financially) it would've been tight. Plus, his parents bought property out here as an investment and offered to let us live there cheap, but we won't close on the deal for another couple weeks. So we got him out of his contract and moved all of his STUFF into my bedroom... and the room across the hall... AND my grandparent's garage! So, as of now, he's semi-homeless for the next couple days until we head out to Cali for the wedding. Our good friends, Lance and Ashley, have opened their home (and their shower) to my fiance. They're such good people. Mitch and I are so blessed to have them in our lives.

Anyway, I am so grateful to how my life is turning out. Nine months ago, I NEVER could have foreseen that I would have the friends I do, be getting married, and, frankly, be so freakin happy! I am so grateful to the Lord for his undying love and protection. He is always there as a loving Father and guide and it took a swift kick in the pants for me to realize that. I'm just glad He cared enough to lay that kick on me. I could never express the gratitude and love I have for my family. Growing up, I definitely gave them a run for their money, but their love and support has never ceased and they will never quite understand exactly the extent of how grateful I am. I feel so blessed to have Mitchell in my life. He makes me want to be the best version of me possible and without that support, I could never reach it. I love him and am SO UNBELIEVABLY EXCITED to share eternity with him.

This will probably be my last blog for awhile. I plan on being VERY busy with the wedding and honeymoon. Stay tuned, though- wedding pictures and comments coming soon! :0) Wish me luck!