Monday, October 19, 2009

don't want a law suit on our hands

Apparently, posting the the story "the pursuit of justice" puts me at risk for a law suit. The post didn't use his name and the picture didn't show his face, but my dad suggested it be taken down. Sorry to those who did not have the opportunity to read it. I would also like to correct some misconceptions. If the story portrayed us in a way that seemed vengeful, please understand that we were trying to protect others from the same unfortunate circumstance that we were in. It was not the first time this person had stolen anything and, more than likely, it would not have been the last if we had not done something about it. Obviously, it wasn't the first time since he already had a warrant our for his arrest. Nonetheless, I apologize if my words portrayed us in a vindictive, unforgiving manner.

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